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              January 2018 we open  La mata de calafate:
  so Argentines and foreigners can find 
                a house  to rest , in a place to discover

          Two year later, on March 13, 2020, an unexpected passenger arrived in our city:                         the Covid 19 virus. So, the pandemic forced us to close the houses  for the first time .

       Finally after nine months, on December 2020 
           El Calafate City reopened to tourism .
              and on January 9, 2021
            we reopened our houses:
  from Tandil,  Buenos Aires, Argentine, Cortés family became our first group of passengers of the pandemic
      Paloma, Emma, Lourdes, Joaquin, Magdalena, Maximo

2021 01 09 Flia CORTES 4 .jpeg

            and like them, Argentines and foreigners  find in

La Mata de Calafate
                             a house to rest, in a place to discover




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