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        January 9th 2021
            Cortés family:
     Paloma, Emma, Lourdes, Joaquín,                           Magdalena, Máximo       
         from Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina

            Our First Tourists after
            Nine Months of Pandemic.
Thank you for choosing us! 

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                      They   chose our lodging to enjoy 
        their holidays     in    pandemic 2021,    2022

Our houses offer you

to feel more secure

in this Covid-19 Pandemic

"The fear of contagion is the main factor that could affect the next tourist travel decision"…. "

"73.6% of those surveyed highly value the relevance of health security . "

(Conclusions of surveys carried out in Argentina in April 2020 by the Singerman & Makón study)

     The Pandemic We Face Worldwide

makes us feel identified with these conclusions.


    Our accommodation has received a very good rating

of those who visited us before the Pandemic:

9.9 out of 10, and, within this, in the Cleaning area: 10 out of 10

During the time that the Houses

were closed to tourism,  

we train, analyze protocols,

we modify some elements, we add others.


Everything we prepare

can provide that health security

necessary to enjoy

the long-awaited Post-quarantine holidays

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Protocol for the tourist

A- Entering the establishment

1st: Luggage Sanitation Sector

(with Colored Water or 70% Alcohol Solution, each passenger decides what they prefer)

2nd Hand sanitization with Alcohol gel

(Sanitizer dispenser that will be available to the passenger throughout their stay)


3rd: Entrance to Reception of all the members

of the group of passengers,

a- Brief presentation, through sanitized maps,

to locate them geographically in our City,

in Los Glaciares National Park, where it is located

the Perito Moreno Glacier, and excursions are made ,

evacuating their own queries.

3 b –Completion of documentation requested by health tourism protocol: Sanitary Affidavit, Personal data registration: this documentation will be previously sent via email or whats app

Only the data of the documents sent digitally, which need to be modified, will be completed in person.

3 c - Indispensable clarifications on the Use of common areas of the property, and of the House.


4th: Delivery of House Keys


B- During the stay:


- Mandatory use of a mask in common areas of the property, and outside it, throughout the city.


- Respect for the use of common places within the property, according to the sectors designated for each House: parking, balcony, etc.


- Respect and compliance with new regulations issued by local authorities according to the development of the health situation



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2021 01 Sanitización colchones .jpg

 Mattress disinfection

Spaces and elements

that will help you live

this Covid 19 Pandemic

more safely:


Cold Hall: with coat racks

to leave the warm clothes used outside;

the shoes and any item that you want

do not "pollute" the house.


 Laundry room of each house:

cupboard with cleaning and sanitizing elements:

 water with bleach, 70% alcohol solution, soaps

for the washing machine ...

cleaning supplies: floor cloth, bucket, broom ...

We remember that the house only has a cleaning service during the stay, when it lasts for more than three nights

washing machine, clothes line and soaps to wash your clothes: when you need them, without anyone else having to manipulate them.

shelf above the washing machine:

to place those elements you want

sanitize and allow to ventilate.

Living - room: laminated folder with:

contact details with Medical Bodies, and steps to follow in case of Covid-19 symptoms

accommodation details: Wifi password, etc.

explanations: for appliance use

Bathroom: individual racks: to facilitate the identification of towels for each passenger

Outside of Each House: Breakfast drawer:

every evening we put the some foods there

(bread, sweet snacks), for breakfast the next morning.

 You leave us the empty food containers that need to be replaced (sugar, coffee, cereals ...)


This way we avoid that accommodation staff

have to enter the House.

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