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      El Calafate, everyone's work and effort:

essential staff, volunteers, calafateños:

only 39 positive cases from the first French tourist.


Early August, in many cities of Argentina

new outbreaks of contagion emerge

El Calafate is experiencing its first outbreak:  new positive cases

and a group of people isolated preventively.

New positive Covid 19 cases will appear until acquired

immunity through the long-awaited vaccine.


El Calafate, as a tourist destination, faces the challenge

to comply with national, provincial and municipal protocols,

inviting those who visit it, to do it together.


Collaborating with everyone, inhabitants and visitors,

taking care of your own life and that of others,

we can enjoy the rest,

the peace and beauty of this wonderful place.


F Ciudad Paisaje Escudo.jpg

How do we live this Covid-19 Pandemic in El Calafate  City

March 2020, Friday 13

    First positive cases of Covid 19 in El Calafate:

three passengers from a group of French tourists,

(older adults, who arrived in El Calafate on March 12), show symptoms of Covid 19.


March, April 2020

Hard work, together:

Tourism sector,

Government Sector,

Health Sector:

each one in his task,

coordinated by the Organizing Committee, taking care of the health organization

of this city to face

the Covid19 Pandemic

that started in Argentina,

and at the same time, in El Calafate,

- city that counted at that time

with 30,000 local inhabitants

and 8,000 visiting tourists -.

C 1C19 goberantes reunidos.png
COE 4 .png

Staff from the Tourism and Government Sector collaborating

with the tourists who visited us, looking for a place by land transports

and air transports so that they can return to their places of origin,

before the closing of borders in Argentina.

HOSPITAL 16 .jpg

Health workers:

The health centers of the city are reorganized:

the José Formenti Hospital, the Community Integrating Center: as primary care centers;

the modern SAMIC: High Complexity Hospital, chosen

as one of the country's centers for realization

of Covid 19 Hyssop Analysis,

with a wide sector dedicated exclusively to

the care of suspected and confirmed Covid 19 patients

HOSPITAL 10 .jpg

May 2020, Saturday 2

     Day of celebration for the city of El Calafate:

They return to their country, after an arduous and hard battle,the group of 23 French tourists from which it originatedhe first positive case of Covid 19 in El Calafate.

Two thirds of the group infected; all recovered,

only one of them, aged 82, continued to be hospitalized

one more month in France, until full recovery.

Fifty-one days of stay in a strange country,

another language, other customs,

until finally France sends a special flight to repatriate them.

The thank you letter that they left us,

expresses what the vast majority live

of the tourists who visit us:

the warmth of the Calafateños when receiving the tourist.

          "Our French Group called AGAR AZUR, about to leave for France and leave

its beautiful country, its immense and wild deserts and its clean and

crystalline glaciers, but above all,  a country of men and women in which they live,

with  a big heart like Argentina.

Before leaving, the group really wants to pay tribute to the brilliant work

of hospital staff.   Starting from the management, up to all the competent doctors,

especially radiological precision and the importance of nurses, cooks,

that despite our different regimens, they gave us everything we needed.

To all without exception, we have the immense gratitude

and we just don't know what to say:


A big THANK YOU for everything and everyone "

F Ciudad Bahia Congelada.jpg

March, April, May, June, July 2020


After the first moment of suspicion, fear, concern,

before the contagion of 39 people

(between tourist and local inhabitants)

from the French tourists, El Calafate

transits his life in Pandemic Covid-19.

going through the various phases of quarantine.

In all this time we were not distressed by the closure

of the quarantine, when we had it;

nature accompanied us to cope with it.

All this time we only feel the pain of knowing that

Los Glaciares National Park is closed

that no one can contemplate the beauty

of thePerito Moreno Glacier going down

to Lake Argentino


PUEBLO 2_edited.jpg

November 5th

The Nacional Park is open


December 5th,2020 

El Calafate opens to tourism !


We appreciate the photographic material

of the digital portal


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