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      A house that allows you to see the lake,

the Andes,  Calafate Mountain and the City

 by just opening the window.

            A comfortable and peaceful environment

to  rest   with family or friends.

                    An opportunity to discover

        a place, its landscape and its people.

La mata de calafate,

a House to rest

    in a Place to discover.   


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                                            El Calafate can be much more than just a city

                                                   to pass  through on your way to the famous Perito Moreno Glacier.

                                        It is history,  the history of a staging post where peasants stopped their wagons

                                       on their long journey to the sea in order to sell their bundles of wool

                                       after  the shearing process.

                          It is an oasis in the middle of the wild and deserted Patagonian landscapes

                           with bushes and shrubs of a monochromatic beauty and sunsets of enigmatic red clouds.

                It is a place that invites you to listen to the silence of an almost uninhabited land and

                the persistent  whistling of the wind, typical of the summer mornings.

       It is the possibility to discover wonderful glaciers, blankets of snow descending from

       the Southern  Patagonian Ice Field, one of the fresh water reserves of the planet .


                                                                  It is the legend of the tiny purple fruit

                                                                  that gave its name to the city,

                                                                   the fruit of a plant native to this place: 

                                      La mata de calafate - calafate shrubs -

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